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For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - September 2, 2022

Aladerri International Film Festival 2022


Nominees for Best Director

  • Fabrizio Rosso, "Somewhere on Earth"

  • James Hughes, "When the Rain Sets In"

  • Maria Brendle, "ALA KACHUU - Take and Run"

  • Martin Strange-Hansen, "On my mind"

  • Sheldon Chau, "In Max We Trust"

Nominees for Best Screenplay 

  • Fabrizio Rosso, "Somewhere on Earth"

  • James Hughes, "When the Rain Sets In"

  • Maria Brendle, "ALA KACHUU - Take and Run"

  • Martin Strange-Hansen, "On my mind"

  • Sheldon Chau, "In Max We Trust"

Nominees for Best Actor

  • Ethan Peck, "In Max We Trust"

  • Harold Fisch, "Tejano Night"

  • Nurbek Esengazy Uulu, "ALA KACHUU - Take and Run"

  • Rasmus Hammerich, "On my mind"

  • Toby Sebastian, "When the Rain Sets In"

Nominees for Best Actress

  • Alina Turdumamatova, "ALA KACHUU - Take and Run"

  • Camille Kane, "Somewhere on Earth"

  • Florence Howard, "When the Rain Sets In"

  • Hetty Heyting, "Stolen Kisses (Zoentjesdief)"

  • Jandat Djamanbaeva, "ALA KACHUU - Take and Run"

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Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - August 26, 2022

Aladerri International Film Festival 2022

Official Selections.

Narrative Short Film

  • ALA KACHUU - Take and Run

  • Almost

  • As a reflex

  • Duplicitous Minds

  • In Another Life

  • In Max We Trust

  • May this day be

  • On my mind

  • Somewhere on Earth

  • Spade K

  • Stolen Kisses (Zoentjesdief)

  • Summer Dream

  • The little prodigy (Le Petit prodige)

  • These Final Hours

  • When the Rain Sets In

Documentary Short Film

  • Bloody Tradition - Agree to Disagree

  • Guardians of Paradise

  • Najil Aak

  • Olu

  • Rachel's Law

Animated Short Film

  • Annah la Javanaise

  • Bestia

  • Daisies and Sparrows

  • MORE

  • Red Gaia

Comedy Short Film

  • Forever Young

  • Kitchen Spaces

  • Pole Climb 

  • Remnants

  • What's So Scary?

LGBTQ+ Short Film

  • #NotMeAnymore

  • For I Am Dead

  • Parvis

  • Side Effects

  • To Embrace

Illinois Short Film


  • Everlasting

  • Hidden Wings

  • In You, I'm Lost

  • Last Attic

Student Short Film

  • Baba Jee

  • My Grandpa Says He's An Alien

  • SARA

  • Tejano Night

  • Vlada Goes to London

Music Video 

  • Corsair

  • Glance

  • Heaven In Hell

  • May


Tickets available here

Schedule available here

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Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - August 19, 2022

Aladerri International Film Festival Short List has been narrowed to 93 films from 45 Countries, of which 50 will earn Official Selections.

The films are listed below in alphabetical order by title:

"#NotMeAnymore", Kaspersilas Crystallando
"ALA KACHUU - Take and Run", Maria Brendle
"Almost", Paul-André Robin
"Amato", Romy
"An Encounter", Elena Bayona
"An Irish Goodbye", Tom Berkeley
"And So I Begin", Margarethe Baillou
"Aniyah", Shubhavi Arya
"Annah la Javanaise", Fatimah Tobing Rony
"Argent Glass (feat. Char)", Katsuyuki Nakanishi
"As a reflex", Alfonso Díaz
"Baba Jee", Basir Ahmed
"Bella", Seth D. Myers, Sarah Stolar
"Bestia", Hugo Covarrubias
"Bloody Tradition - Agree to Disagree", Jitse de Graaf, Martijn Kramer
"Corsair", George Cederquist
"Daisies and Sparrows", Ervin Han
"Dajla: cinema and oblivion", Arturo Dueñas Herrero
"Dog-Gone It!", Hunter James Cox
"Don't Cry", Hisham Zreiq
"Duplicitous Minds", Robert Rippberger
"ENFERMO", Ruben Ramirez
"Everlasting", Juan Alfonso Vela
"Fesito Goes to Market", Sheldon Christopher Noble
"For I Am Dead", Patricia Delso Lucas
"Forever Young", Michel Arribehaute, Nicolas Arribehaute, Sacha Arribehaute, Robinson Arribehaute
"Glance", Lee Peterkin
"God in the Sky", Daniel Fox, Sean Peter Fox
"Guardians of Paradise", Ivan Maria Friedman
"Hawawshi", Waleed Bedour
"Heaven In Hell", Len Rosen
"Hidden Wings", Randy Bernales
"How to get lost in your own room", Jaehyun Park
"How to Meet 42nd Sheep", Yasu Tanaka
"In Another Life", Alkin Emirali
"In Max We Trust", Sheldon Chau
"In You, I'm Lost", Jonah Koslofsky
"Isolation", Soheil Mosharraf
"Kitchen Spaces", Patrick Brambert
"Last Attic", Charlie Bain
"MALLETS", Alberto Nacci
"May", Hart Ginsburg
"May this day be", jaehyun park
"Medea", 菲菲feifei 仲zhong
"MIDAS", Ben Meyer
"Misfit", Steve Segal
"MORE", Vaibhav Madhukar Piwlatkar
"My Grandma Matilde", Miguel Anaya Borja
"My Grandmother Is an Egg", Wu-Ching Chang
"My Grandpa Says He's An Alien", Ruohan (Eve) Ren, Zhenzhen (Rosy) Yue
"My Mom Wants to Kill Me", shuojia chen
"Najil Aak", David Díaz
"Nowhere To Escape", ZiYuan Wang
"Oh, Little Spark!", Charlie Lyon Budden
"Old Hag", Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco-Levrin
"Olu", Grant Osum
"On my mind", Martin Strange-Hansen
"Oyun's Quest: Prologue", Jeasy Sehgal
"Parvis", Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
"Pole Climb", T.C. De Witt
"Rachel's Law", Cameron Ilan
"REALISTIC LOVE SONG - Jeremy Todd", Kylie Daniel
"Red Gaia", Udesh Chetty
"Reena Ki Kahani", Shred Shreedhar
"Remnants", Charleen Phelps, Sidartha Murjani
"SARA", Carlos Andres Camacho Nava
"Side Effects", Riccardo Costa
"Somewhere on Earth", Fabrizio Rosso
"Spade K", Junwei Han
"Spoon", Arthur Chays
"Stolen Kisses (Zoentjesdief)", Lidi Toepoel
"Summer Dream", Luan Dias
"Sweaty Balls", Jack Quint
"SYMBIOSIS", Nacci Alberto
"Tejano Night", Alexander Rosales
"The Creepers", Kasha Fauscett
"The Debater", Maya Miller
"The Dream Doctor", Jovan Antonio Gonzalez
"The Family Jewels", Enzo Destefani Espinosa
"The Flesh of Another", Jack Cosgriff
"The little prodigy (Le Petit prodige)", Xavier Diskeuve
"The West Virginian Starfish", Hyten Davidson, Tommy Martin
"There's an App for That", Ed Toolis
"These Final Hours", Lionel Coleman
"To Embrace", Tridip Kakoty
"Vlada Goes to London", Arti Savchenko
"WAVES", Alberto Nacci
"What's So Scary?", Andrew D Pringle
"When the Rain Sets In", James Hughes
"Whip Lord", David Kepner
"Zareen", Awais Awais A Bashir

Alejandro Gonzalez

Festival Director

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Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - August 1, 2022

The Jury of the

Aladerri International Film Festival

2022 edition and its President unveiled

Anand Varadaraj Founder and Artistic Director of the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, the only Academy Award® Qualifying Festival in India will be the President of the Jury of the Aladerri International Film Festival 2022 Edition. Together with twelve jury members, will select the winner of the Aladerri Award along with the winners of each Category of the 50 films in competition.


The Jury

Anand Varadaraj - President
Director, actor, producer

Jovanny Evans – Vice President
Film critic

United States

Matthew Postlethwaite
Actor, producer, screenwriter, songwriter
United Kingdom

Mouhssine Ennaimi
Emmy nominee director-producer

Laura Alemán
Puerto Rico

Elham Wagdi

Rubén Garcerá
Film director

Yohann Gloaguen
Film director

Mohamed Kheidr
Film director 

Isaias Perez
Actor, producer, screenwriter
United States

Alexis Jeannot
Film director
Eric Liberacki
Director, cinematographer
United States

Patricia Vazquez

Founder and Artistic Director of the Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, the only Academy Award® Qualifying Festival in India.

Actor, producer and ex-President of Suchitra Film Society - 50 year old organization. He is now the Director of Suchitra Cine Academy, where works are underway to start a first of its kind Cinema School.  Anand is also the Trustee of the Centre for Film and Drama.

Additionally, Anand collaborates and mentors many independent filmmakers and producers for their new ventures.

His experience with cinema is global with several International cultural Forums in his repertoire, including curating of Film Festivals and also as Jury for organizations across the globe.

The members of the Jury

Jovanny Evans – Vice President
Film critic

United States

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Jovanny Evans has called Chicago home since 2015. He received a degree in Media Art and Animation from the Art Institute of Portland and had previously studied Design at ITESO in Guadalajara. He is extremely passionate about film, TV and animation, and he’s very interested in the future of media and entertainment.

Currently he works for Univision Chicago as a Producer. His passion for film drove him to introduce movie segments to several of Univision's programming and has since become the film critic for the station and a member of the Chicago Film Critics Association.

His impressive style and unique ideas have landed him opportunities to promote major productions from studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures. On his segment Jovanny interviews A-list celebrities every week such as Halle Berry, Tom Cruise, and Anthony Hopkins, as well as Latino stars like Eugenio Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann. Jovanny is also invited to cover major local and national film industry events such as Sundance, SXSW, Cinema Con, San Diego Comic-Con, CLFF, and CIFF.

Jovanny produces weekly content that reaches thousands of film fanatics through TV, digital, and social media. With his unique style, charm, and personality, Jovanny is connecting Hollywood with the Hispanic audience. His segment ‘Movies con Jovanny’ air on Despierta Chicago and can also be seen in 18 Spanish-speaking countries on the morning newscast La Voz de la Mañana.

Matthew Postlethwaite
Actor, producer, screenwriter, songwriter
United Kingdom

Matthew Postlethwaite, Is an award winning Actor originally from England. He has spent the majority of his adult life In America. Matthew began acting from an early age training briefly at LAMDA, Yale, and eventually studying in the Master Class at Beverly Hills Playhouse for five years. He has also won awards for Acting, Producing, Screen Writing and Song Writing. He was named by BAFTA as The Actor to watch in the next coming years.

Recognized by the United Nations for The Great Artist. Matthew was the first person in his category to win a Hollywood Music In Media Award (2021) for Song writing: "Brave" from the Great Artist.

Mouhssine Ennaimi
Emmy nominee director-producer

Mouhssine Ennaimi is an Emmy nominee director-producer based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is Executive Producer and the co-founder of the multi award-winning documentary series Off The Grid. Previously he was an investigative journalist, a field producer and a war correspondent. Originally from Paris, France, he lived in the Middle East and in South Asia for almost 15 years. He has spent more than a decade in hostile environments and war zones.

Mouhssine Ennaimi is also the author of “Slumboy”, a portrait of a Slumdog Millionaire type of hero living in Mumbai, and “The Strength to Say No”, a character-driven book about forced child-marriages in India.

Off The Grid is a character-driven documentary series covering global stories through personal journeys.

Laura Alemán
Puerto Rico

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and raised around the island, Laura Alemán began her artistic career at a very early age. Working with her family in theater plays, tv & music recording studios, she fell in love with acting, singing and dancing. She trained in numerous specialized schools and submerged fully in her craft.

Laura received a BFA in dramatic arts at Hunter College in New York, and a BA in Film

Production at the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico. She was also awarded a scholarship to further develop her craft at Fundación José Ortega y Gasset in Toledo, Spain.

Laura has been the lead in films that transmitted in 225 cities around the world and has participated in more than 48 film productions. Her most recent projects include: The

System (Post Production), Casa Grande (Post Production), The Perfect Host (Post

Production), Extraterrestres (Amazon), Sol De Medianoche (HBO), Cleaners (Crackle) and Amor en 266 Millas (film premiered June, 2022 at Oscar Qualifying Festival Dances

With Films). She has won multiple awards for her work, including: Best Actress for her leading role in the short film "El Gran Elefante" at Cinefiesta International Film Festival, LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest and the Rincon International Film Festival.

Laura also formed part of the writer's room for the Series Santurce (pre-production) and is currently working on her first music album.

Elham Wagdi

Graduated from fine art college award winning actress, known for Tuk-tuk (2021) and Miss Universe Pageant (2009). Ex TV presenter at the most well-known Arab channel MBC, Owner and founder of Elham Wagdi Academy.

Rubén Garcerá
Film director

Born in the eighties, Rubén studied Fine Arts at the University of San Carlos (Valencia).

He has been professionally dedicated to stop motion animation as animator/modelmaker for 6 years.

2021 - Release of Re-Animal (stop motion short film). He made 99 % of this short film by himself. 13 minutes long.

2018 - CURRENT - Workshop manager (modelmaker) at Inspiranimation Studio (Valencia) working for Ubisoft, Hasbro, Heliocare, etc.

2016-2017 – Children’s series for Happy Surprises YouTube channel.

2014-2015 - Advertising pieces for various clients (video game studio, digital platforms).

Yohann Gloaguen
Film director

Yohann Gloaguen is a french director. After graduating from university in Canada, he revealed his talent as an author and director in his first multi-awarded short film "It's in the air". He then wrote and directed four other short films, including «Parade» in 2020, which has also been selected and released in many festivals around the world. He also contributed to the writing of the film «Bloody oranges» by Jean-Christophe Meurisse, in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. He is currently preparing his first feature film.

Mohamed kheidr
Film director 

At the young age of 14, Kheidr kick started his career as a story board artist and carved his way into graphic design. In 2007, Kheidr decided to shift gears and delved into studying film making at the New York film academy. He dedicated his career to shifting the industry's perspective on limited budget productions by creating top notch quality artwork and designs.

He established his own production house overlooking, executing and creating a vast number of projects which involved film directing, cinematography, script writing, executive production, photography and music composing.

Isaias Perez
Actor, producer, screenwriter
United States

Isaias Perez is an award winning filmmaker born in Texas and raised in Puerto Rico but now living in Chicago. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor degree in Theater Communication and Media. Isaias discovered his passion for film when he was six years old. He used to save every penny given to him from his parents to go to the movies. He wrote his first play when he was twenty two years old for his local church which led him to write professional theater, film and radio series. His works include Caos (Trébol Productions) Joan of Arc (The Sigman Brothers Theater Co.), Happiness and Tears (Gorilla Tango Theater Co.), Not For Sale (Urban Theater Co.). !Que Gente mi Gente! (Family Bridges), The Secrets of Santa Monica (Family Bridges) and the award winning short film The Audition (Mobula and Aladerri Enterprises).

Alexis Jeannot
Film director

Alexis Jeannot was born in France in 1987. After studying environmental chemistry, he has worked for 4 years in the French Guyana on air pollution. He then studied videography at École Agnès Varda in Brussels, while also working as a videographer. On the mean time he realized 3 shorts movies:

Our Ghost Rivers / short documentary / 15 minutes / 2019

Roule Bécane / short fiction film / 20 minutes / 2021

Story of a Narse / short documentary / 30 minutes / 2022

Eric Liberacki
Director, cinematographer
United States

Eric Liberacki found his start in Detroit, Michigan. During the day he would shoot movies on MiniDV tape, and at night he would make experimental 16mm films in the basement of the Detroit Film Center. After studying Cinematography, Eric began working freelance as Camera Operator and Assistant Camera while shooting projects. He shot the feature films Your Holy Eyes, Redemption Way, The Pale Man, A Chance in the World, and Rucker along with numerous short films. The projects he has lensed have played at Chicago International, Cleveland International, New Directors Showcase at the Directors Guild of America, and many others.

In 2015, Eric directed his first short film: “ANTI-BODY.” The film played numerous festivals, starting in Eric’s hometown before moving to Chicago, and across the rest of the country. Eric's feature film debut The Lurker had its world premiere at Cinepocalypse. Shot in Chicago, the film centers on a group of high school students stalked by a maniacal killer. It stars Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie's Halloween I & II, The Runaways) and Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story). The Lurker was release by Indican Pictures last month and is available on demand and dvd via Walmart, Family Video, Redbox, on other streaming platforms.

Patricia Vazquez

Patricia Vázquez studied a degree in Hispanic Literature at the Universidad

Autónoma de Aguascalientes and Master English as a Second Language in

Interactive College of Technology in Morrow, GA. Her work has been published in state and national anthologies and has participated in festivals and poetry readings in Mexico, Spain and Cuba. She obtained the PECDA in Aguascalientes 2015-2016, has published two poetry books; Diario de una poeta recién casada, (LunaMía Ediciones, 2017) y La novela de las mujeres murciélago, (Espina Dorsal, 2022).

Alejandro Gonzalez

Festival Director

key dates 2022.png


Media Contact:
Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - August 13, 2021

Aladerri International Film Festival 2021 Nominees. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic and its changing landscape, the 2021 Aladerri International Film Festival will be a hybrid of digital and physical screenings September 17 - 19, 2021.

Narrative Short Film

A Father's Job 
All blood runs red 
Feeling Through
Morella, My Wife
No Internet
Snorrie (Mustachio)
So that nothing changes
The Great Artist
Through the Wall
White Eye

Documentary Short Film

Before I Die
Connecting the Dots
La Cobija de Maricela 
Missing Babies 
Tremors: Making Perfection

Animated Short Film

Ivet and Michuco
The Boy and The Mountain

Comedy Short Film

Honor Among Thieves
Monkey's Blood

LGBTQ+ Short Film

From A to Q
Jesse James

Illinois Short Film

Dime Jar
The Audition
The Target

Student Short Film

Mother's Day 
Roule Bécane
The Valravn

Best Music Video 

Keralam-The Signature of God
RAISED IN BLOOD - Free Range Youth
Straight Into The Ocean

Best Screenplay  

Isaías Pérez - "The Audition"
Frank Christian Wagner - "A Father's Job"
Doug Roland - "Feeling Through"
Sherif Abdel Hadyb &  Mohamed Kheidr - "TukTuk"
Tomer Shushan - "White Eye"

Best Actor

Matthew Postlethwaite - "The Great Artist"
Vincent Pagé - "Uncle Maurice" 
Robert Tarango - "Feeling Through"
Charles-Émile Leblanc - "Through the Wall "
Daniel Gad - "White Eye"

Best Actress

Dorothee Frauenlob - "A Father's Job"
Eva Casadio Tarabusi - "Ecce Matter" 
Chiara Della Rossa - "Morella, My Wife"
Évelyne Rompré - "Through the Wall"
Elham Wagdi - "TukTuk"

Best Director

Doug Roland - "Feeling Through"
Alessandro C. Masella - "Morella, My Wife"
Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri - "The Great Artist"
Mohamed Kheidr - "TukTuk"
Tomer Shushan - "White Eye"

Tickets and schedule will be announced on August 27, 2021

Alejandro Gonzalez

Festival Director

shortlis announcement_Mesa de trabajo 1.png


Media Contact:
Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - August 4, 2021

Aladerri International Film Festival Short List has been narrowed to 86 films from 69 Countries, of which 45 will earn nominations.

The films are listed below in alphabetical order by title:

"2 Down" Sam Farage

"A Father's Job" Frank Christian Wagner

"A jag in the duplex system" Valerie Knill

"A Piglet's Tale" Fabrizio Gammardella


"All blood runs red " Paul Mignot

"Ascension" Andrei Kolokoltsev

"Bandwidth" Pat Battistini, Robert Francke

"Barrier" Niels Bourgonje

"Before I Die" Nakul Dev

"Bitterness" Renée Spatial


"Confesion" Mafer Roussell

"Connecting the Dots" Doug Roland

"Cosmopolitan" Moran Nakar

"Deaf Reach: Hope for Pakistan" John E. Quatroche II

"Debut" Connor Hopkins

"Dime Jar" Randy Bernales

"ECCE MATER " Valentina Tomada

"Eve" Joe Solomon

"Feeling Through" Doug Roland

"Final Deathtination" Marika Tamura


"Fragile" Hakim Mao

"From A to Q" Emmalie El fadli

"Gigantes" Christian Ivan Perez Gomez

"Goodnight Spa." Emilio Gallego, Jesus Gallego

"Greta’s lyrics" Fabio Teriaca

"Grooming" Francisco Yélamos Martín

"Hesitating (Vai não Vai)" Rafael Pessin

"Honey Drop" Brandon Lopez

"Honor Among Thieves" Justin Eugene Evans

"HORIZONS" Sean Treacy

"HypocriCity" Sean Muir

"I AM " Jerry Hoffmann

"It's all in the sauce" Marcus A Olsson

"Ivet and Michuco" Juan Ignacio Meneu Oset

"Jericho" Tiffany Joy Taylor

"Jesse James" Josef Steiff

"Keralam - The Signature of God" Thomas Sebastian

"Kings & Queens" Elmer J. Howard

"Krunk" Francesco Siro Brigiano

"La Cobija de Maricela " Juan Diego Ramirez

"LOLI " Fernanda Tapia

"Losing Grace" Athena Mandis

"Mephis 21 - The Shadows" Alix Makhloufi

"Mila" Cinzia Angelini

"Missing Babies" Mouhssine Ennaimi

"Monkey's Blood" Sam Hartshorn

"Morella, My Wife" Alessandro C. Masella

"Mother's Day " Patryk Kaflowski

"Night Encounter" Lei Jia

"No Internet" Kyle Lawrence

"NONNO MATTEO" Fabio Teriaca, Juan Pablo Etcheverry

"Parade" Yohann Gloaguen

"Pillow" Isabel Mazzolini

"RAISED IN BLOOD" Kylie Daniel

"Re-Animal" Rubén Garcerá

"Retribution" Mel Orpen

"Roule Bécane" Jeannot Alexis

"Shojon - Theorem" Craig Heathcote

"Slow Burn" Caleb Kurowski

"Snorrie (Mustachio)" Victoria Warmerdam

"So that nothing changes" Francescu Artily

"Straight Into The Ocean" Carolyn Laws

"Swipe" Niels Bourgonje

"Swiped Out" Karan Choudhary

"The Audition" Eric Liberacki

"The Boy and The Mountain" Santiago Aguilera, Gabriel Monreal

"THE CAVE" Kylie Daniel

"The Gate" Kino Jin

"The Great Artist" Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri

"The Sacrificed Ones" Jordan Pavlik

"The Target" Jakub Wasowski

"The Valravn" Spencer Hetherington

"Through the Wall" Larissa Corriveau

"Tremors: Making Perfection" Matthew Snead

"Trillo & Suede " Jonathan Geffner

"TukTuk" Mohamed Kheidr

"Unbroken: Saving Belize's Jaguar Corridor" Brandon Thompson

"UNCLE MAURICE" Xavier Diskeuve

"Untouchable" Pi Chengdong

"Veyil Vizhave " Shanoob Karuvath

"Virtuoso" Nico Amedeo

"White Eye" Tomer Shushan

"Zone of Silence - Haunted World" Cindy Lynn Carter

Nominations for for the 2021 edition will be announced on Friday, August 13, 2021.

Alejandro Gonzalez

Festival Director


The Aladerri International Film Festival announced key dates for the 2021 edition. Aladerr


Media Contact:
Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - July 19, 2021

The Aladerri International Film Festival announced key dates for the 2021 edition.



Media Contact:
Alejandro Gonzalez

For Immediate Release

Chicago, IL - July 28, 2020

Aladerri International Film Festival Announces Move to Virtual Format in 2020

The Aladerri International Film Festival has shifted to a virtual model for this year’s event, which will take place from August 28-30, 2020. This year’s festival will be the most accessible version to audiences yet, and both filmmakers and film lovers will be given unique opportunities to connect and enjoy digital screenings, filmmaker Q&A’s, musical performances and other original content online.

The festival altered its format to ensure it could produce a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees in light of evolving health & safety protocols related to the coronavirus.

The virtual festival will feature more than 50 Short films and Music Videos from around the World, Q&A’s and other exclusive content.

Full lineup will be announced on our Official Website, and social media August 1st.

The winners of the Best Short Film in each Category and The Aladerri Award for a week-long theatrical engagement in Los Angeles will be announced August 31st.

Alejandro Gonzalez

Festival Director