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The 2024 Edition will bestow more than $10,000 in prizes across multiple categories, including:

"Aladerri Award" will receive 'Deco Pegasus Gold' Trophy and Oscar Qualifying Theatrical Run.

Audience Award  will receive 'Deco Pegasus Black' Trophy and $1,000.00 US cash.

1st Place Winner in all categories will receive 'Deco Pegasus Silver' Trophy.

Digital Certificates will be given to all Official Selection, Winner, Finalist & Semifinalist.

​• Narrative Short Film
• Documentary Short Film
• Animated Short Film
• Comedy Short Film
• LGBTQ+ Short Film
• Illinois Short Film
• Student Short Film
• Music Video
• Actor
• Actress
• Director
• Screenplay
• Audience Award
• Aladerri Award

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